Fantastic Thailand

Presentation in TWO volumes:

Volume 1 - Thailand - capital Bangkok

Click picture above or HERE to download file - Volume 1 - in English.

Volume 2 - Thailand - Chiang Mai and other cities

Click picture above or HERE to download file - Volume 2 - in English.

Dear friends,

I can't help starting this letter by thanking you – in relation to the last file and also the other ones – for the manifestations of good reception, with sweet and gratifying words that were directed to me. I feel very grateful indeed.

Yes, this is the gift I made a suspense about in the Christmas message!

I must tell you that each theme from my works is defined when I am conquered by it. We flirt, undecided about reciprocal acceptance and then there comes the courtship – which occurs during research – until I fall in love, totally seduced by the found material. Oh, the music, always key, of course, once I'm moved by it.

In this work I am sending to you now, it was different. There was no empathy between us and when I began to cogitate on this choice, the music was a reason for me to quit at once - its melodic lines were not conceived to reach Western sensibility.

However, I guess there must have been a kind of "point of honor" for the theme to be chosen because it was even appearing to me in dreams!

My references about Bangkok – only my "colleagues" will remember – haven't gone beyond the erotic craziness that "Emmanuelle" has experienced over there. Actually, Thailand is a country that reveres sexuality, so much it holds a temple devoted to the phallus.

Suddenly, to try a beginning, I found an artifice that prompted me to escape the traditional song... Done! It turned into a fulminating passion! So much that I have enlarged more and more the research, because at each new pursuit, new enchantments have made me enraptured.

Despite being forced to unfold the unmissable result in two volumes, I confess that, even being this quite a comprehensive work, I could only bring to you the "cream" of what there is in that magical country! Countless layers are just below – all possessing an immense power to conquer visitors, even if virtual.

For you to get an idea of how much I fell in love with this theme, the fantasy that comes to my mind at this moment is that I am saying goodbye, like a girlfriend would do to her loved one when he'd be about to "betray" her...

Fantasies aside, what I really wish is that at least some of the many moments of pleasure I have had while formatting Thailand may happen to you.

Always with my affection,


Santa Claus and some of his European neighbours

Click picture above or HERE to download file in English.

Dear friends,

A little early this year I'm forwarding the Christmas PPS focusing on European countries close to the homeland of Santa Claus, where I set out to be more comprehensive and thus arouse the interest of children as well.

In order to justify the early shipment, I bring the news that it was because of the need of time to be able to conclude the formatting of an exciting Christmas gift that I am elaborating for you - exciting not by my work, but by the beauty enclosed in the theme and photographs.

Always with gratitude for the prestige with which my files are received, My most sincere affection,


Viennese Blood

Presentation in 2 volumes:


Click picture above or HERE to download VIENNESE BLOOD - PART 1 file in English.


Click picture above or HERE to download VIENNESE BLOOD - PART 2 file in English.

Dear friends,

Always thanking you for the good reception you have been granting to my work, I want to tell you that, this time, even I was amazed by how much material about the capital of Austria it was possible to compile and bring for you to review or, if it’s the case, to know.

At the beginning of the research I understood that for twice I simply "touristed" around in Vienna without realizing how much there was to dazzle me there.

Confessing it was a pleasurable work, but also exhausting, I send to you the final formatting necessarily divided in two volumes.

With affection,


of the color of the rose

Click picture above or HERE to download file in English.

Dear friends,

At a given time I felt that my organs, muscles, nerves and skin have lost the innocence of their existence in such a way that I had the feeling that a cosmic palette would color my life with the color of the rose…

However, as this foreshadow was not materialized, the need for compensation became present and, so, using the sensitiveness and creativity of many artists, I conceived a fiction on PPS from that frustrated expectation.

Thus was born
                                               “of the color of the rose”

For you, always accompanied by my affection,


... in Paris...

Click picture above or HERE to download file in English.

Dear friends,

 First of all I want to tell you that I've always been sure that I could not make the formatting of Paris because I wouldn't dare to elaborate a limited edition of its endless charms.

Nevertheless, the music - always the music - encouraged me to dare and I chose to pay penance for the omission of what would not be possible to bring to this work.

Actually, it was the interpretation of a very traditional French song what made me decide. Being Paris joyful as it is and all wrapped in a sensual atmosphere - whether under the heat of the sun or under the romantic silvery moon - only seduced by the malice of Madeleine Peyroux's singing I would decide for such boldness.

With great affection,

A fantasy inspired by great loves

Click picture above or HERE to download file in ENGLISH

Dear friends,

I want to tell you that out of a simple conversation I highlighted the word “encounter” and that it eventually, by successive associations of ideas, became a fantasy.

After being taken by immeasurable emotion when hearing part of the soundtrack I had chosen, it became fairly easy to elect the images and to reveal the fantasy through a condensed text.

Well... the chosen location, as every happy dream, is recurring...

I hope you are pleased with it, too, because it is with immense affection that I send you the result of this reverie's  formatting.


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Click picture above or HERE to download file in English

Dear friends,

Incited by a special virtual friend - Jorge de Menezes Vasconcelos - to broaden myself  to new musical expressions other than those from the universe we usually are surrounded by - Western Europe and Americas - I was outstandingly enchanted with two songs by remarkable and famous composers of the Balkans. It was their talent that led me to research about the place where they were born, what eventually gave rise to this formatting that I now bring to you.

Always with my affection,

Finland - a little about the land and music of Sibelius

Click picture above or HERE to download file in English

Dear friends,

"Finland capital Helsinki" - I memorized it far back in the 50's and still in there came the concepts of vikings and Scandinavia. Just concepts... But I haven't forgot: "Finland capital Helsinki".

Many years later I was able to make an association: - ah, so the composer of this wonder is from that far away - in time and in space - "Finland capital Helsinki".

Until the arrival of Internet gave me the opportunity to know and admire the work of Finnish photographers, what sparked a faint curiosity to search something more about that country...

The decision for a notoriously laborious PPS - slideshow - was slowly becoming a reality and now I experimented one of the most rewarding emotions of my virtual travels, thanks to the natural and also architectural beauty of the land of Sibelius.
Necessarily, it should be at  the sound of his music!

Hopefully, the result will please you ...



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