Christmas in Russia

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My dear friends,

Health problems in my family have prevented me to be more constant in the production of my files. Well, that is to tell you I didn't give my PPSs up - simply they lost priority in my life right now.

But, 5 or 6 days ago - no more - my brain box "nudged" me and said:

_ “See that it’s coming… Won’t you do anything?”

Then I took my Bat Concorde and decided the direction in a snap. Knowing that I could count on the infallible Google, I was in Russia thrilling myself with their songs when responsability called me to begin the selection of pictures – yes, those that allow us to know places on Earth through the virtual world. Jeez us! What would be of me without it – prevented from traveling since 1985, as I am?

And it turned out that I made it! No... making this PPS wasn't quite a victory. The victory was getting Flavio and Claudia to get faster! Claudia is so meticulous that the thing usually gets stuck with her! Fortunately my two friends - Flavio and Claudia - got smarter... It must have been because, among other things, I am in full treatment of pneumonia. But I made it and, to be true, seeing the file again, today, I was much moved.

That you enjoy it, is what I hope.

I also wish you have happy Christmas celebrations and a New Year full of endless joys.

Always with my warmest affection,


Italy, still...

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Dear friends,

It seems to be a conspiracy by "occult forces" – I don't know which ones nor if they even exist! What happens is that I propose myself to keep a free thought in order to see what sort of inspiration will appear for a new formatting and, when I realize what I'm doing on the internet – without boarding a ship or an airplane – there I am, still and again... in Italy!

This time – still, and now forever, in a virtual way – I even "stayed" there and at the most exquisite hotels. So I brought you a true display of what is a hosting in style in the Italian way. Be prepared...

Always with great excitement when relieved by so much beauty, I bring you also all of my affection.


Italy - Declaration of Love

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Dear friends,

I couldn’t thank each one of you for the prestige that you have always dedicated to my PPS files and, therefore, I take this opportunity to tell you about my joy every time I receive from you a message of approval.

I must warn you I'm immersed in a moment of such passion for Italy that I can't work without "displaying the flag" on my Powerpoint.

Finally I want to mention that at the end of this formatting my heart was beating far too fast when I combined image and sound  – I hope this combination will bring you some pleasant feelings, too.

Always  filled with affection,


Pride of Brazil - Adriana Lima

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Dear friends,

The boys, lads and gentlemen will forgive me, but this Brazilian born in São Salvador da Bahia – or Bahia of São Salvador? – came into the world to cause impact...

Apparently, she is most known abroad than here in our land, which is why I decided to group some of her beautiful photos together to make this formatting,  similarly to what I did with another feminine monument who also makes Brazil proud of – Gisele Bündchen.

For you, Adriana Lima, another name that identifies Brazil abroad.

Always with my affection,



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Dear friends,

Finally, Crete ready!

I had to save it for last for having guessed  how much I would have to engage myself in the research. It's true that the hard work was softened by the passion inspired by the few or almost nothing I knew about it.

Those who welcomed the first file - about the main Greek islands - I believe, will be pleased by this one too.

Always with my immense affection and gratitude to you all,


Greek Islands

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My dear friends,

With great joy I finally bring the work that dragged on for months of researching and a lot of demand in the final selection from among the numerous compiled photos. The result, fortunately, exceeded my expectation and therefore I believe it will please all of you too.

Next time I'll try to be more modest...

Always with immense affection,

The spell and the eloquence of the feet

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While resting after the conclusion of a work more of cultural nature - which is now under revision with Claudia - I decided to do the formatting of a second volume of one of those "playtime" files...

As I had already stored some new pictures on the theme, it was needed only a little more researching, screening, changing and, behold, it was ready "The spell and the eloquence of the feet".

I hope it'll please you too.

Always with my affection,


Dancing in the Dark - reissue 2014

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At the sound of that same wonderful melody, an improved reissue to better please the eyes and to color your memories, dreams, reveries and wishes...


Sweden - Volume I

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Sweden - Volume II

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Dear friends,

The first photo I downloaded from the internet to compose this PPS was filed on 28.08.2011 – it was from a Stockholm Marathon that, after all, wasn't even used...

Last December I was content with about 600 compiled photos but, by intuition that it would be possible to show through better shots one, and another and many more places of which I had already downloaded several slides, I ended up closing my folder STOCKHOLM with 2,24 GB in volume of 1.343 photos.

I believe that if hadn't decided to just end, I would continue researching on Sweden till death, from its stunning capital to the most charming corners of its paradisiacal islands – if it was possible.
Great consequence: after knowing the new pictures that provoked sighs, I couldn't reduce the selection or I would withhold the ecstasies those new pictures have given me from the friends to whom I offer my works. Result: 2 (two) volumes, again.

Well, if you allow my immodesty, I dare say I brought almost everything there is to virtually see  from those lands...

Hoping my commited dedication will be always welcomed by the prestige you have been generously given me, I leave here in advance my grateful affection for you.


Paris Opera - reissue 2014

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Thanks, thanks, thanks a zillion times for your loving and kind words of welcome to my job! The fact that I fail to thank you one by one is due to a complete impossibility to express my joy at each of the countless messages I receive; but, as I have told you before – and here I affirm again – I do read absolutely all of them and I feel highly rewarded.

This time, I come to tell you that in February 2007, when I was still what is known as "of little practice", I dared to do the formatting of one of the most famous landmarks of Paris   – its Opera. Also counted against my condition of apprentice, the severe limitation of bytes imposed by e-mail providers at that time, besides – and lucky me, once I probably could not make use of other tools than those available at the beginning – the limited resources offered by the then PowerPoint.

Today, with new software techniques and with the experience gained over the years developing this kind of work, it is with great pleasure that I  felt compelled to elaborate a new audiovisual work, less humiliating before the greatness of the masterpiece by Garnier, the one in Paris – the other one was built in Monaco.

Very happy with the result – thanks to Office 2010 and, speciallly, to the wonderful photographers who display their art through the internet – I share with you the beauty that can be provided by the virtual, compensating what, at the moment, is out of reach in reality.

Super affectionately,

PS.: I do recommend you to increase the volume on your computer


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